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NOTE: We Survey Legal Descriptions, quotes given without the Full Legal Description provided are subject to change.  In some cases a quote cannot be given without the full legal description.   Please call if you have questions.


(primarily used in Commercial applications)

An ALTA/NSPS survey is primarily for Commercial properties and requires additional information, when ordering such as “Table A”.  See the Links tab for more information on ALTA/NSPS Standards.

Boundary Surveys

A Boundary survey determines the boundary lines of a parcel of land as described in the legal description found in a deed, abstract or title policy, etc. Commonly referred to as a "Plat of Survey".  You may need to obtain a boundary survey for:

  • A real estate sale or purchase.
  • When applying for a building or home improvement permit.
  • When applying for a fence permit.
  • If you feel a neighbor is encroaching on your property.
  • There may be other reasons as well with the above being most common.

Construction surveys

When building it is often necessary to have a surveyor stake foundations, sidewalks, curbs and any other permanent fixtures.


 A Certified Survey Map is one of 3 ways to divide land in the State of Wisconsin.

Elevation Certificates

Often needed to determine flood hazard for Flood insurance.

Hydrographic Surveys

Used to determine the depth contours of bodies of water.

Land Splits/Subdivision

Reconfiguration of a large parcel and creation of legal descriptions for new parcels.

Large Acreage:

Farm Surveys or other large tracts of land typically described from the Rectangular Survey System 

Staking for Boundary:

Marking boundary lines for landscape, fencing, disputes etc.


Typically used for pre-construction and design a topography shows the relief features or surface configuration of an area.

Baseline P.S.C. performs many types of land surveys:


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