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Baseline Professional Services Corp.

Baseline has been surveying the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas since 1994. Baseline was originally formed in Galena, IL.

Our licensed Surveyor takes every job from field to finish.

We take pride in every survey.

NOTE: We Survey Legal Descriptions, quotes given without the Full Legal Description provided are subject to change.  In some cases a quote cannot be given without the full legal description.   Please call if you have questions.

Baseline Professional Services Corp.

We focus but are not limited to the Northern Tier of Illinois and the Southern Tier of Wisconsin.  Other areas will be considered on a case basis. ​

Land surveying is one of the oldest professions. Surveyors retrace the footsteps of many that walked before them dating back to the beginning of the Public Land Survey System. When in the field they encounter see many interesting things…

Professional Land Surveying Services

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A Northern Illinois Company, Licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin